Jeff “Lua” Lewis

Jeff Lua
Jeff “Lua” Lewis was born in St. Louis raised in Wisconsin and moved back to finish schooling in 2001. Lua loves to be involved in new experiences which is what landed him in capoeira.
Like a lot of people in the United States, Lua first experienced capoeira watching the movie “Only the Strong” & from the “Tekken” video game. (The character Eddie Gorgo performs capoeira in the game) Nothing much came from the two until years later a roommate took him to a capoeira class in the St. Louis area inĀ 2010. From that moment, Lua has been training, performing, & most recently, instructing capoeira.
Lua’s passion for capoeira runs deep, from the movements to the music all the way to the African roots that it represents.
Lua instructs the Wednesday adult class and the Thursday music and movement class. Visit the “Class Schedule” page for all capoeira classes offered at the Academy.

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