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A native of Cote d’Ivoire from the Weh Tribe, Master Drummer & Dancer, Guei Caph has become one of the world’s leading drummers adopting the nickname “Djembe Rock Star” with his unique drumming style he is sure to make you get out of your seat, on to your feet and dance!

The 3rd of 5 brothers, Caph was born into a family of drummers. His father, Guei Denis was a well-respected Master Dancer and Master Drummer and older brother Guei Thomas who resides in France is world renowned Master Drummer as well.

Educated in Ivory Coast at Ecole de Danse et D’echange Culturel, Caph earned the title “MASTER”, mastering the traditional dance and indigenous drum styles of West Africa.     

Caph’s professional career started with the “Les Guirivoires” dance company in Ivory Coast founded by Ms. Rose Marie Guiraud in 1973.  Caph has performed extensively throughout Africa, Europe, Canada, Japan, Germany and the United States.  Caph has performed many years for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and with the globally-touring Elmano Vasquez, an International Circus.  In addition to being a performer, Caph is a teacher as well, teaching the drumming style of the Djembe and Doun Douns, Caph has taught at various universities such as Florida State University, University of North Carolina, and University of Minnesota, just to name a few.  He is currently the Musical Director of Afriky Lo Lo, a nationally acclaimed dance company founded by Diadie Bathily based in Saint Louis, Missouri and is an accompanist at (COCA) Center Of Creative Arts also based in St. Louis.    

Caph loves his craft and his artistry, so much so that he established his own company in 2016 named Djougoukan Percussion.  Through the company, Caph continues to share his love of music and his heritage by teaching his own drum classes, presenting dance and drum workshops, offering djembe repair classes, hosting listening parties, showcases and concerts. 

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